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Yeah, I’m having issues with this. Mostly the idea that the Turtles were intentionally genetically engineered to be heroes by some corporation. Because turtles would be the obvious first choice of test subject. Well, maybe the rat would be the first choice, so they can explain good old Master Splinter, and so the turtle was the logical second choice. Still.

As always, I’ll reserve judgement until I see the movie -or at least a second trailer- but as of yet I’m not terribly impressed. I love the Turtles, but I feel like they’ve been rebooted to death. I don’t like the current Nickelodeon show, so I’m not thrilled to see it’s one of their productions. I would have been satisfied with another CGI TMNT (2007); maybe it makes me a total dweeb, but I loved that movie.

There is one thing to be thankful for, at least. Mikey will always be Mikey.

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