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Anonymous asked: I'm glad to see you're planning on looking at Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! Speaking of which, are you aware of a reviewer named Mr. Coat? He's done two videos on each adaptation of the book, & you'd be surprised to hear that he hates the 1971 movie & loves the 2005 movie. Would you be interested in seeing those videos?

I would very much like to see Mr. Coat’s videos. To be honest, I adore the 2005 version, and I never made it through the ‘71 version. It terrified me as a child. >.>

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought about looking at the book Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, & its two film adaptations? I'd like to know what you think about each take on the story.

It just moved a littler higher up on my to-do list.  ^_^

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Anonymous asked: Do you think that if P.L. Travers were still alive today, she would respond to your review of Mary Poppins & tell you why you're completely wrong about liking the Disney movie more? By the way, I don't think you're wrong at all. I love the Disney movie a lot too!

If P.L. Travers found my comparison, she would definitely have a few things to say about it and it wouldn’t be ‘I guess you’re entitled to your opinion…”

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Anonymous asked: I saw that video you did on The Hobbit, & I was wondering, what is your opinion of the 1977 Rankin Bass adaptation? I like that one better than the Peter Jackson ones, but can you please not kill me for saying that?

I have never watched that version, but now I’m intrigued. I wonder what makes it better?
No killing, promise. You can like whichever one you want more. ;)