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REVIEW: Minority Report and Other Stories by Philip K. Dick

Could it be? I’ve found yet another sci-fi writer I actually enjoy?!

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BOOK REVIEW: Dark Dancer by Jaleta Clegg


That is what first drew me to this book, and it didn’t disappoint. There are elves and pixies, mushroom fairy rings, magic, and machines. The world Clegg has created here is fascinating, part traditional fairy folklore, part steampunk.

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Iroh and the Spirit World (Legend of Korra)


Okay, Avatards. I’ve just had a thought.

Remember last week, that look of shock on Zuko’s face when Korra said she spoke with Iroh in the Spirit World?

Maybe he isn’t reacting to the fact that Korra spoke to his dead Uncle. Maybe he’s reacting to the possibility that Iroh never died.
Before you go crazy with the nay-saying, hear me out…

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Announcing my first author q&a! Don’t miss it!

When: August 24, 2014, 11am (EST)
Where: The chatroom at the eFestival of Words

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